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rejectedfic's Journal

An All-American Rejects Slash Community
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Rejected Fic: A community dedicated to slash fan-fiction about the power-pop/rock band, the All-American Rejects.

1. All posts must include fanfiction relating to one or more members of the All-American rejects. Crossovers with other bands, celebrities, or characters are fine, so long as one of the boys is involved
2.All stories must be posted under a cut tag, or linked to another journal. If you don't know how to do a cut tag, click this link. Don't expect people to be very considerate if you continue to fuck this up.
3. Commenting keeps you young.
4. Don't be a douchebag.

Posting Guidelines:
Every story posted to this community must also contain a heading with the following information: TITLE, AUTHOR, PAIRING, RATING (G - NC17), SUMMARY, DISCLAIMER
If one of those is missing, especially something key like the RATING, expect a stern wag of the finger from one of the mods.

If your story contains questionable content of a highly explicit nature (bestiality, violence, etc.) you MUST warn for that in your heading.

Remember, LJ CUT your stories.

If your story is one chapter of a longer piece, please link to the other chapters in the header.

If you're getting ready to post here, make sure your story has been spell-checked and edited for grammar.

Disclaimer: All stories contained in this community are entirely fictional - none of the authors make any claims of veracity. No defamation is intended.

Your Moderator:
Toby, tobyzantium, [tobyzantium @ gmail . com]

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