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Fic: AAR: Most Delicious Poison (And You're the Cure, Too): Nick/Tyson

Title: Most Delicious Poison (And You're the Cure, Too)
Rating: Light R
Pairing: Nick/Tyson
Warnings: um, teenage boys making out. Which, handily, is also a summary.
Word Count: 3268
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the people mentioned, and everything you read here is a filthy, filthy lie.
Summary: Teenage boys making out; Nick and Tyson are eighteen and sixteen respectively, it's the summer before Nick goes off to college, and the band is kind of nascent right now. But that mostly takes a back seat to the kissing.

AN: The only way this could be considered a PWP is if the value for 'PWP' was 'Porn without Porn', which would just be silly, so it is a KWP - Kissing Without Plot. (and it's the most kissing I've ever written ever, so, please be kind?) Beta'd by my dearest xrysomou.

Cross-posted here, bandslashmania and aar_capslock. Apologies to those of you who got spammed!
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