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Fic: AAR: Gen: You've Been Framed

Title: You've Been Framed
Authors: xrysomou and xaritomene
Warnings: None! Well, er. Some language?
Pairing: Gen or pre-slash Nick/Tyson, if you (ha!) squint.
Rating: G
Word Count: 1275
Summary: Tyson has a bit of an obsession with Nick's glasses, but he never meant to break them. Scrambling to get back into someone's good graces is less fun when they can't really see it...

AN: Will eventually be part of a trilogy (the imaginatively named Glasses Trilogy!), the other parts of which don't link into this so much as are linked by Nick Wheeler having, well, glasses. One of them is a Superman!AU? *lures* And these other parts will be here soon. Honest.

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