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Fic: Arguments in the Key of Reason: Nick/Tyson

Title: Arguments in the Key of Reason
Authors: xaritomene and xrysomou
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Here be smut. Consider yourselves warned for Gabe.
Pairing: Nick/Tyson (minor Gabe/Tyson, mentions of Gabe/Bill)
Word Count: 4727
Summary: Nick and Ty are in love and have been forever - they just need a helping hand in the right direction. And Gabe... well, Gabe's always been handsy handy.
Disclaimer: Not ours, never happened, never will, please don't eat us.

A/N: This fic is a mix of utter crack and a sliver of canon; Gabe once got thoroughly over-excited about meeting Tyson and posted about it on his Twitter. The word 'swoon' was mentioned. Sadly, they never did meet (one gets the impression that Tyson, very sensibly, ran for his life), and the tweet itself is lost in the mists of Gabe's Twitter
Here's what we like to think might have happened:

Arguments in the Key of Reason

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