A Hurricane I'll Never Outrun (nuclearxsquid) wrote in rejectedfic,
A Hurricane I'll Never Outrun

Fic: AAR: Tyson/Nick Slash

Title: In Which Tyson is Silly and Nick is Sillier

Fandom: All-American Rejects

Pairing: Tyson/Nick

Theme: Resisting Temptation (Number 116)

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Warnings: Alcohol and slash!

Words: 738

A/N: This is set in their highschool days, if that makes any difference. xaritomene convinced me into crossposting this, so enjoy! It was written for the 500themes  prompt "Resisting Temptation."

Crossposted to my journal, aar_capslock , and bandslashmania . Sorry for any spam!

Nick was finding it very hard to not kiss Tyson. And with each beer he drank, he found it harder to rationalize not kissing Tyson. Especially when Tyson kept leaning in close to whisper-shout something in Nick's ear.

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